Lee Byers Gold Coin and Bullion Investment Vehicles

With gold hitting all time highs we at Lee Byers see gold buyers and sellers everywhere from the street corner to the mall and everywhere in between. Gold prices are at all time highs and while there have been large gains in recent years; many investors say there is still room to grow. Investing in gold can be complicated since you can invest not only in coins and bullion but also in stock, futures and other investment vehicles. The safest and easiest way to start is by purchasing gold coins and bullion. Gold is a great investment but like anything you do not want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Gold should be part of a well balanced and diversified portfolio to insulate you from risk. When other investments went south after the recent economic recession, those who invested in Gold were able to protect themselves with this reliable investment. Regardless of how you buy your gold make sure you consult an investment professional as there are many gold scams out there in the marketplace. Below are 3 popular forms of physical gold investment listed in order of price.

Gold Bars (Ingots)

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Investing In Scrap Silver

Apart from gold, silver is among the most coveted metals today. However, for some it is already the best of many other precious metals sold in the market. People love its refined color. Financial experts agree that investing in gold and also in silver is really a wise move to secure your future. Nevertheless, it is a fact that not everyone is able to afford such an investment.

Do you know that aside from the expensive silver in stores there is a thing called scrap silver? Yes and it is growing its popularity at present. A lot of people now have turned their interest in investing on precious metals particularly on silver. You might wonder what exactly is there in scrap silver that people are actually investing on it. Following are the reasons why.

It Is Still Silver
Tend not to be fooled by the word “scrap” in scrap silver or gold. Even if they are scrap, its gold or silver content is still the same. The purity of gold and silver are the same.

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The Gold Krugerrand Coin Pendant – Wear It With Pride

What makes the Gold Krugerrand Coin Pendant so popular? Well, simply because it was in 2007 that the gorgeous South African Krugerrand gold coin marked its 40th anniversary, having been first minted in 1967 in order to provide a means for U.S. investors to own gold secretly. Aside from the vintage feel, these gold bullion coin pendants were made using 1 troy oz of 91.67% pure gold (22K). There are other variations of the coin pendant having 14K composition but nonetheless, they are all wonderfully minted.

The sales of the Gold Krugerrand Coin Pendant have now reached their ultimate high since more and more collectors and even investors have fallen in love with these. A lot of them cherish the history that developed round the gold bullion coin. Although, there even was a time when it was prohibited to dangle any form of gold around your neck, wrist or even ankles but since the Krugerrand was a legal tender, people can pretty much do anything with it – sell it, get it and even use it as dcor.

This led to the notion of using gold coins as investments since you can easily profit by simply by trading with it in the market.

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K Gold Jewelry Is More Than A Solid Gold Investment – It Is True Portable Wealth

k gold jewelry is solid gold. Since it was discovered in ancient times gold has been recognized as an extremely desirable form of wealth. Because it is in limited supply and the fact that there is no good alternative to gold, it is enthusiastically sought after. One way that you can store your wealth in gold that is portable is by buying solid gold jewelry.

Easy to transport, this jewelry made of 24k solid gold is the modern way to obtain beautiful, practical, portable wealth. Going country to country you do not even have to worry about declaring it or storing it in your luggage and wondering if it will get lost. You can simply wear it; on display for beauty or inside your clothing if you desire to be discreet.

You will always be able to keep tabs on where your gold is. And because it is a globally accepted medium of exchange no matter what country you are in, you have a recognized form of wealth right on you. Its value will not change because of the country you are in.

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